Odor Control for Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup

In other times, the elderly would live with relatives or be in other care facilities. Now, however, they wish to remain in their own homes - most often living alone as well as dying alone. They might not be found for several days by which time the damage is done.

In other times, people would die peacefully in bed or in the hospital. Now, with the increase in crime, the situation has changed drastically.

In other times, there did not seem to be as many potentially infectious or communicable diseases such as flesh eating viruses, AIDS, HIV and Hepititis.

In other times, there were no such things as terrorism or bioterrorists. Now the situation has changed and we need to be ready to deal with these changes.

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With all of the new problems we face everyday, crime and trauma scene cleanup has become a new and very important need in our society. With this need comes the need to go beyond a mop and bucket. Even after the scene has been cleaned up, there is still the need for odor removal, as well as airborne and microscopic pathogen removal. Ozone generators have been used for years to deal with these problems.

There are courses given in crime and trauma scene cleanup that recommend the use of ozone generators.

In the HowStuffWorks science article titled “How Crime–scene Clean–up Works” How Stuff Works article on trauma scene clean up states that an ozone generator for removing odors is the first item listed as a hard–core cleaning supplyauthor Julia Layton listed the items usually carried by professional crime–scene cleaners. In the hard–core cleaning supplies section, the first item listed is an ozone generator (to remove odors).

"With AIDS, hepatitis and the hazardous chemical concoction that is used to make methamphetamines, 'cleaning up' is more than just washing down a scene with some soapy water, opening windows and hoping the smell and the danger go away." Ahwatukee Foothills News.

Cillian's solvent solves crime scene mess - By Doug Murphy, Staff Writer.

According to John Heath, of Crime Scene Cleanup, St. Petersburg, Fl., "ozone can eliminate the most difficult of smells. Each time I really don't think it can (remove the smell); everytime it amazes me. It is one of the most permanent odor control solutions available to cleaners. It is a great piece of equipment".

Chemical deodorizers only mask odors and do not remove the microscopic pathogens that cannot be "cleaned".

The International Ozone Association states that odor control and air purification are among those areas where ozone treatment has been shown to have exceptionally beneficial effects.

Crime and trauma scene cleanup should not be left to the family. They do not have the necessary training and there is also the very real extra trauma they will be exposed to.

Ozone generators create O3 molecules which are highly unstable. The extra O molecule oxidizes the bacteria, killing it and leaving pure, clean and odor free O2.

Ozone generators are a necessary part of crime and trauma scene cleanup.

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Please Remember: All Ozone Generators, regardless of manufacturer, are an electronic appliance containing electrical parts and connections. Your generator will become damaged, your warrantee voided, and the ozone output lessened if immersed in water or operated when humidity (moisture in the air) is above 60%. Lowering the humidity can often be accomplished by simply running a dehumidifier or air-conditioner in the room to be treated.

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