• Mold or mildew damage? Kill mold and mildew caused by flooding and damp spaces.
  • Wildfire or house fire odors? Rid your house of smoke odors easily!
  • We don't know what that smell is either, but we do know how< to get rid of it fast!
  • Hunters and wildlife photographers! Don't cover your scent – eliminate scent and get closer for better shots.
  • Detailing should include odor removal. Your auto, truck, boat and RV should always smell as sweet as it looks.
It's important you make an informed decision. So, please don't buy from us or anyone else until you read the Buyer-Beware page
Thanks! You instilled a lot of confidence, via email and your website, and were so kind to answer my many questions. Anyone can and should feel confident and positive about buying an ozone generator from you! And it is great that it is made and serviced in the USA! All the best to you and your company.
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Mold and Mildew

Ozone kills mold and mildew caused by dampness and flooding. Even the black, toxic kind.

Fire & Smoke Odors

House fire or wildfire a little too close?. No matter how the smoke smell got into your home – it wants to stay!

Hunters / Photographers

Bow? Muzzle loader? Pistol? Camera? Get close to wildlife! Take the shot you've only dreamed of until now!

Smoking / Party Odors

Too much party? Food, beer, alcohol and smoking odors? Kill these odors and more. Ozone stops odors with a single treatment!


Tobacco and food odors? Mold, mildew and bacteria in your trunk and air system? One ozone treatment can stop these problems.

Kill Most Odors

Pet smells? Potty training mishaps? Fresh paint or cleanser odors? These odors can be completely removed – not just covered up!