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What Jenesco Customers Say About Our Products

We realize that hearing about how wonderful our ozone generators and air purifiers are only from us – might not be proof enough for you. We couldn't agree more! The proof of how good an Jenesco air purifier in the happy, satisfied customers.

Read below to learn what our customers think about our ozone generators and air purifiers.

That unit works great!
That unit (Fm-2) works great! It took all the foul odors (mold, musty smells and cat urine) away quickly to the best of my sences thoroughly.

Thanks! I have already told some of my friends. ”

Jeff Holder, owner Holder Properties and “WeDO” Windows & Carpets

So glad I decided to purchase
“So glad I decided to purchase the FM-1 ozone machine. I bought my daughter a used car in June. It had belonged to a smoker and the dealership had sprayed something even more horrible smelling to try to mask the smoke odor.

I had the upholstery cleaned and replaced the floor mats. It only helped a little.

I did research on the internet and found Jenesco. Have used the FM-1 twice inside the car for a few hours at a time. It now smells fresh and clean all the time. I'll continue to use the machine periodically to keep it fresh smelling. Thanks for a great product that actually performs as promised.”

Christine Willis

I received the Pro-8 yesterday
“Ladies and Gentlemen:
I received the Pro-8 yesterday as promised. It was packed very well, and I was very impressed with the workmanship. Good materials, good-quality components, and efficient simple design. It is a fine example of Yankee ingenuity and craftsmanship. It brings me back to my childhood in the 1950s, when Made in the USA was the best you could get. If it works as good as it looks I will be extremely pleased. Thank you very much! ”

Jon Christopher Brown, Ph.D.

Made a 40–year–old fishing boat smell like new
“Dear Sir/madam,
I am sending you this mail to give you a positive testimonial from an overseas costumer. I purchased an Ozone generator from you and patiently waited for its arrival as you had to make the generator fitted for the 240V el. system here in Norway.

I needed the Ozone generator to ‘clean up’ some odor in my boat that is an older fishing boat converted to pleasure boat. Even though I high pressure cleaned the inside of the boat hull. There was still some odor from older biological substances, it still smelled like a fishing boat.

Finally receiving my Ozone generator, I treated the boat for 3 day only, this as a start, after the first 24 hours of treatment I could smell a great difference. After 3 days it was like a new boat. I then waited a few months, working inside the boat to modify it. Then I started a 2 weeks Ozone treatment that ended up with an outstanding result. Even if the boat is more that 40 years old, the smell is now like a new wooden boat inside the hull. It smells like a wooden boat should smell, a mix of fresh wood, turpentine, tar and paint. Thanks to the Ozone generator I received from you, the old fishing boat odor is history.”

Kjell-M. Ronaes, Norway

"The ozone machine arrived this AM..."
"This is just to say that the ozone machine arrived this AM and I couldn't be more impressed---that was really fast! I would definitely order from this company again. Thank you so much, hope it works!"

Take care,

"My wife owns a 112 year old building...that frequently experiences mold and mildew problems"
"Dear Ken,
Just a note to say how satisfied we are with the FM-1 Ozone Generator we purchased from Jenesco in December 2007. My wife owns a 112 year old building in South Louisiana that frequently experiences mold and mildew problems. We run the machine when we are not there and the difference is quite remarkable. In addition your assistance and advice after the sale has been excellent."

Yours truly,
-Bob H.

"This machine has saved me (literally) thousands of dollars..."
"To Whom It May Concern:
A little over a year ago I purchased a PT109A. I was a bit skeptical at first over the whole idea of an ?Ozone? machine. However, having put it to good use and through some difficult situations, I?ve come to be the biggest fan of your product. I?ve used it in rental properties to kill odors, mold and animal smells. I was absolutely amazed when it took away the odor. This machine has saved me (literally) thousands of dollars of unnecessary carpet replacement simply due to odor. After having the carpets cleaned, three different properties of mine had rooms that had animal odor or smoke odors that remained. After treating them with the machine for a day the smells were simply gone. That?s three properties that didn?t need new carpet!

Next I tried it in my father?s vehicles. He?s smoked in both for over 7 years and they absolutely reeked. After 2hrs of the machine running at full blast with the windows closed, unbelievably the smell was gone! I couldn?t believe it. Since that worked, I thought I?d try it on my own vehicle that had a ?musty? smell when first putting on the blower. I turned the car on, closed the windows and put the blower on high. After running your machine in this environment for one hour it pulled the smell out of the system.

If this wasn?t enough, I found that during the peak of the allergy season if I used the machine at night on a low setting in my room my symptoms dissipated throughout the day. While I still have allergies, it has made an improvement.

All I can say is this machine is worth every penny. Once you see how well it works, you?ll find many more uses for the Ozone machine in everything that you do. I went so far as to recommending it to a local health club who put it in their childcare area to kill germs, bacteria and remove the smell of poopie diapers! Not surprising, it worked there too.

Thank you Jenesco for creating a fair priced product that has truly been a life saver for me."

-Chris Adsit

PS> Feel free to have anyone contact me with questions. I would be happy to share my stories with them.

"Killed the mold and the bed bugs too!"
"We manage an apartment building in Northern California. One of tenants complained about mold in his apartment, so we researched the best cure. We ended up buying your PRO-4 and it killed the mold within a few days. We think the mold got started from spores blowing in the window from a palm tree trunk in the courtyard.

The tenant is happy and I was just in the apartment the other day (two months later) for some minor repair work and there was still no musty smell at all. That one treatment apparently solved the problem.

I would also like to let you know that last week we also used the PRO-4 to treat one of our units where the occupant was complaining about bed bugs. We set the ozone machine in her bedroom and let it run for a full day. Ever since that one treatment she has had no more bites and is very happy with our solution."
-B Christensen, Oakland CA

"On a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 10"
"I have been completely satisfied with my FM-2. Not only did it kill the mold from the flood, but I lent it to some of my friends for small rooms and closets with musty smells and it got rid of that too. On a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 10."
-T.M. Harahan, LA

"Fungus Free"
"Since I purchased the PRO-4 last February everything in my house is now fungus free."
-R. D. Harvey, La

"PRO-4 is outstanding!"
"I think my PRO-4 is outstanding! The mold from the flood totally disappeared and the musty smell is gone also. One evening I left some eggs on the burner and fell asleep, so I had that burnt smell in the kitchen. I ran my machine a little while and it seemed to just suck it up. That was pretty cool!"
-M. M. New Orleans, La

"Better than any other mold treatment I tried"
"I purchased one of your FM-1 ozone generators. I am completely satisfied. It took care of everything I wanted it to. I thought it was so easy to use and efficient! It worked better than any other mold treatment I tried, especially as far as the smell. I would recommend it!"
-P. E. Terrytown La

"It worked great!"
"We had mold on the furniture and walls. It killed the mold, and got rid of the smell. It worked great! We have little kids, so we are really glad we purchased it (FM-1) because we haven't had any breathing or health problems since. Plus it worked great on our cars. We recommend them to all of our friends. Thank you for a great product."
-C. S. New Orleans, La

"Worked great!"
"Worked great! Did a fantastic job ( PRO-4) Katrina gave us flooding only in the kitchen, but we used it all over the house, it worked really well. We lent it many of our friends and neighbors in need. On a scale of 1 to 10? Your machine is a 10 and everything else!"
-D. H. New Orleans, La

"Will keep it however"
"Did help some, but it didn't do everything I wanted. I definitely will keep it however."
-D. M. Poplarville, Ms

"It did everything you said it would do"
"We really appreciate it (Fm-1) It did everything you said it would do on your web site. It killed the mold from the flood (Katrina) , but we also had a fire in the attic. It got rid of the smell from the smoke. We use it all the time. Saved so much money from not having to replace all the dry wall and everything else."
-K.W. Slidell, La

"We could breath while we worked"
"I had previously purchased an FM-2 for fire and smoke damage, and loved it. Then my parents had their apartment flooded in New Orleans, so I purchased another one for them. After Katrina, everything was deeply saturated. It was very good at making things managable before we tore out the walls. Most everything was ruined, but at least ( if we ran the machine prior) we could breath while we worked. It keeps the air fresh when you need it. I've recommended it to many people in this situation."
-S. S. Pass Christain Ms

"What a Job Your Ozone Machine Has Done!"
"We received our new ozone generator in December. What a job this ozone generator has done on the mold in our house! Luckily water from hurricane Charley's damage to our roof only ended up in the kitchen and one bedroom. The mold was getting into the air and we were all getting sick. We cleaned as much as we could, pulled out the carpet in the bedroom, but could still smell the mold and mildew. We followed the instructions that came with our ozone machine, gave both rooms a shock treatment and our ozone machine really made a difference. No more mold or musty smell. Thanks to your ozone generator! It is a pleasure doing business with people who know what they are talking about."
-B.P., Punta Gorda, Fl

"The FM-12 Air Purifier Has Done a Great Job on the Mold in My House!"
"The FM-2 air purifier has done a great job on the mold and musty smell coming from the crawl space under our house. We could not figure out how in the world we were going to get rid of it until we my neighbor discovered your ozone machines and clued us in. It was making my wife sick. You will probable be getting a lot of calls from South Florida about your ozone generators, because we are spreading the word. Thanks."
-T. J., Beynton Beach, FL

"Your Ozone Machines are Amazing!"
"Just wanted to let you know your ozone machines are amazing. I only need to use turn the cycle on my ozone machine for 5 minutes, and 60 minutes off, and it gets rid of that cigarette smell leaking from the apartment down stairs that was making me nauseous. I run it on low and I don't smell any ozone either. I used it to shock the basement and got rid of that musty smell also. Now I am thinking of buying one for my brother. How fast can I get it shipped to him?"
-L. M., Agawam, MA

"You Have a Great Product!"
"Can you send me a couple of new plates for my ozone generator? We purchased the PT109A ozone generator a couple of years ago. We own a bed and breakfast and use it to freshen the rooms on a regular basis. We have all non smoking rooms and our guests only .... smoke outside on the patio..... right! So occasionally we need it get rid of that mysterious cigarette smoke that somehow leaks in from outside from the patio. It makes short work of turning those rooms back into non-smoking. Thanks! You have a great product."
-C.S., Bangor, ME

"Working Great all These Years"
"We had one of your PT101 ozone things since 1999. It doesn't put out as much ozone as it used to. No, we have never cleaned the plates, or even looked inside. All we know is that it has been working great all these years. My husband has even taken it along when he travels and has to stay in motel rooms. Some of those rooms smell awful from cigarette smoke. He runs it for about 20 to 30 minutes and all the smell is gone. Would you give it a good overhaul, put in new plates and get it back to us in a hurry. Thanks."
-D.B., Springfield, IL

"Your Machines Save us a Ton of Money"
"We run a car dealership and use your ozone machines to get rid of odors in our trade-ins. I want to order an extra set of plates for the FM-2 so when we take off the cover to clean them I can just slide in the other set and not have to wait for the other ones to dry. BTW- your machines work great and save us a ton of money."
-A. R., Alexandria,VA

"You Guys Have my Business"
"Thank you for your information. I am reviewing the information. I am glad you guys are very much open with the detailed information on your products both in email as well as on your website. You guys have my business. Best Regards."
-J. P.

"The Unit Made Short Work of a Big Problem"
"I received the FM-1 from you and within 24 hours, it eliminated the smoke odors. I have a large area almost 1500 sq. ft. that was damaged by a fire and smoke. The unit made short work of a big problem. An excellent value compared to what restoration companies wanted to charge! Thanks!"
-Steve, Peoria, Illinois

"Completely Satisfied"
"I am completely satisfied with the results of using the Ozone generator."
-J. K., MD

"We Absolutely Love It"
"We have had our FM-1 now for about a year, and we absolutely love it. We are in the car rental business and use it to deodorize incoming cars. They come back from people who use them to haul their animals, disregard our no smoking signs, and leave all kinds of smelly items in the back seat. It really does a great job, and when it was time to replace the ozone plates, we really missed it, while we waited for new ones to arrive."
-Curtis, Asheville, NC

"Easy to Use, Works Perfectly, and Solved the Problem"
"Your ozone machine is just what I needed. It's easy to use, works perfectly, and solved the problem. Your machine and a dehumidifier have completely changed our basement."
-John L., Little Rock, AR

"Outstanding Results to Date"
"How many hours of operation can our FM-1 unit operate until we will need a replacement plate(s)? BTW, our clients are very pleased with its operation. We have used it on 10-12 sites with outstanding results to date."
-H. D., Salem Environmental/Mold Inspections, Inc.

CA. Residents note: Ozone generators are no longer allowed to be shipped to California residences, pursuant to AB 2276 (Air Cleaner Regulation) . If you would like to purchase one of our ozone generators in California for an industrial application like mold and mildew remediation or odor removal in unoccupied spaces, contact us for one of our industrial supply outlets near you.

Please Remember: All Ozone Generators, regardless of manufacturer, are an electronic appliance containing electrical parts and connections. Your generator will become damaged, your warrantee voided, and the ozone output lessened if immersed in water or operated when humidity (moisture in the air) is above 60%. Lowering the humidity can often be accomplished by simply running a dehumidifier or air-conditioner in the room to be treated.

We encourage you to call us toll free at 1-800-639-9471 with your questions. We know this technology is new to many people, and our customer service representatives are available to explain how our products will safely provide the benefits you're looking for.

You can order by phone, or place your order on line.

Remember you get to try it in your home for 30 days to make sure it's right for you, if not you'll get your money back. We not only manufacture our products in New Hampshire, we also repair them here. So unlike your TV, if any thing goes wrong with your ozone machine, even after the warranty period, we can make sure it keeps working for you, for as long as you own it.

All of our products are sold with a Two Year Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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